Bashar Alhafni

Aloha! I am a computer science Ph.D. student at NYU and I am advised by Professor Nizar Habash.

Previously, I was a computer science graduate student at USC and a graduate student researcher at ISI where I worked with Professors Jonathan May and Nanyun Peng on machine translation and event relation extraction.

Before that, I studied computer science and math at the University of Bridgeport.

My research interests are in natural language processing and machine learning. Particularly, I am interested in multilingual NLP and controlled natural language generation tasks such as machine translation, grammatical error correction, style transfer, text rewriting and simplification.


10/2021 Our new preprint, The Arabic Parallel Gender Corpus 2.0: Extensions and Analyses, is now available on arXiv.
06/2021 I passed my Ph.D. qualifying exam 🥳! Thanks to my committee members: Profs. Kyunghyun Cho, Nizar Habash, He He, and Julia Stoyanovich.
02/2021 Our paper on, The Interplay of Variant, Size, and Task Type in Arabic
Pre-trained Language Models
, has been accepted to 6th Arabic NLP
workshop (WANLP), EACL 2021.
01/2021 I will be giving an invited talk at ETH Zürich’s NLP Reading Group (Host: Ryan Cotterell).
10/2020 Our paper on, Gender-Aware Reinflection using Linguistically Enhanced Neural
, has been accepted to the second workshop on gender bias in
04/2020 I will be joining NYU as a computer science Ph.D. student in the Fall.
Let’s meetup and talk about NLP research if you’re in NYC!
02/2020 Our paper, CAMeL Tools: An Open Source Python Toolkit for Arabic
Natural Language Processing
, has been accepted to LREC 2020.
06/2019 I will be live-tweeting sessions 3D and 7D on Machine Translation at NAACL 2019.
03/2019 I will be attending NAACL 2019 in Minneapolis to present our paper on
Contextualized Word Embeddings Enhanced Event Temporal Relation
Extraction for Story Understanding